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Simple is good for you is a one-stop-shop for genuine in-demand products. This shop is operated by a husband and wife company in China (NINGBO HONGDAOECOMMERCE LTD ).

I, BRUCE, have been engaged in management and sales in the factory for a long time.

Wife, CORINNE has been dealing with logistics and order fulfillment business for along time.

Our first child was born in 2012, and because of the need to take care of the child, I started my business. Our business is mainly to assist supermarket customers to find suitable factories to purchase suitable products from China. My philosophy is: try our best to meet customer needs without increasing excessive costs. Under this philosophy, we have received support from customers and our business has developed rapidly.

Since 2018, we have realized the rapid development of e-commerce. We started to try to sell our own products on EBAY, AMAZON. After a period of operation, we found that advertising costs, platform costs and storage costs accounted for more than 30%-50% of the total product cost. Why not let these costs go to the final buyer?

We do not do too much advertising, we do not sell impractical products, and we do not adopt complex and trapped sales strategies. We just want our customers to enjoy a simple and pleasant shopping experience. This is our original intention to try the business of this store.

SIMPLE IS GOOD FOR YOU: We hope that every purchase of our customers is worthwhile and can add beauty and convenience to their lives.